Mentor Program

Are you coming to study in Adelaide and have questions about what to expect?

The StudyAdelaide Mentor Program is a free service provided to newly accepted international students about to commence study in Adelaide.

Join the StudyAdelaide Mentor Program to be matched with a current student already in Adelaide who can answer questions you may have with regard to accommodation, acclimatisation, food, culture, courses, assignments or language barriers; to name a few.

Our team of mentors will contact you and provide one-on-one communication to answer the questions pertaining to their life in Adelaide during their initial months. These mentors are international students and graduates who have first-hand knowledge and experience about how challenging a move to a new country can be. They have experienced what you are about to go through and can help make your transition smooth and hassle free.

If you are interested in having a StudyAdelaide Mentor, please complete the registration form below: